TOP 20 Fun Craft Ideas – DIY Craft Projects for Kids to Make

Are you looking for a way to be productive and in the same time have a lots of fun, but you just already have tried everything that you know of? Well, Top Inspired is here to help you and inspire you in that matter.

In this post you will find the top 20 best tutorials that will teach you some amazing things, from how to make a scarf from your old t-shirt, or some amazing bracelet. You will also find some amazing home decorating ideas, that will help you make your home a little better place to be in.

The thing that you will put your effort and love in creating this items for your home will make them even more beautiful, because you will fulfill the home with your loving and caring energy, that everyone will be satisfied.

There are even some ideas for the smallest ones in your family, and lets not forget that they know how to appreciate the things you do for them the most.  So roll up your sleeves and bring your creative side on the surface.

1. DIY Fishtail Braided Anchor Bracelet


To make this cute bracelets you need an metal anchor and two colored hemp cords by your choice (example: blue and white or red and white). Braid the cords and attach them to the anchor.

2. DIY T-Shirt Scarves


If you have some old t-shirt that you don’t use, but in the same time you don’t want to throw it away, here is a great way to use it. Make this spaghetti scarf that requires only scissors.

3. Hand Painted Wine Bottle Vase


For this project first of all, you need to have a relaxed mind, because you will have to use the most of your creativity. Then, get a wine bottle, color for glasses, little brush, rhinestones and glue. For one bottle you can make this abstract tribal lines, and for the other bottle you can glue the rhinestones by your desire.

4. DIY String Lantern


To make this amazing chandelier you need to grab your aerobic ball, wrap around it white string and glue it, leaving it to dry well before removing the ball. Add the bulb and you have an amazing lamp.

5. DIY Fashion-Forward Bracelets


When you first mention brass nuts and string in a same sentence, we are sure that jewelry doesn’t even cross your mind. But, it is very possible! Look at this genius tutorial and learn how to make your new unique bracelet.

6. How to Glitter Everything


If you are a girly girl and you like everything about glitter and sparkles, that you would probably love this project. Click on the link to learn how you can now glitter almost anything that you want!

7. DIY String Bowl


Here are the strings again! Another way to use them is to make an fruit bowl, just find the dish that you want to get as an example for the bowl size, and start randomly wrapping around the strings. Leave the glue to dry and you will get this unique string dish.

8. DIY “Stained Glass” Candle Holders


The candles are amazing for home decorating, and everybody loves them. Here is one idea how you can decorate your small glasses and make them into candle holders. You will need a colored paper, painting brush, mod podge and scissors. Cut a little paper flowers and glue them until there is no glass visible.

9. DIY Poured Mason Jar Candle


From the previous picture you learned how to make cute candle holder, but here you can find the way for making a whole candle. The mason jars are something that is very useful and always comes in hand, and if they are used properly can serve as an great decoration. Find out how to do this candles, the whole explanation is on the link above.

10. Homemade Flubber Recipe


Here is one project that you can do for the smallest ones in your family. There is no kid that can resist the sensational feeling of a flubber in the hands, and is a great way to make they play with hours without them getting bored. Even the grown ups can’t resist this cute thing from squeezing. Get the recipe by clicking on the link.

11. Pot of Gold Telescope


This telescope is really easy to make and it will take you about 20 minutes to make one. You need the following supplies – craft foam in the colors of the rainbow plus gold, hot glue, scissors, mason jar lid and clear cellophane. This is the perfect moment for a family time – you can make the telescopes with your children and discuss and learn colors, but let them stay away from the glue!

12. Glitter Snow Globes


Isn’t this one of the most amazing decorations? We always see the snow globes in stores and there’s something so magical about them that makes us play with them all over again, and you won’t believe how easy it actually is to make your own! You just need one-pint Mason jar, animal figurine, waterproof super glue or epoxy, glitter flakes, water and glycerin.

13. Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons


The paper lantern hot air balloon is a nice way to decorate a child’s or nursery room. Not only it will add more aesthetic vibes to it, but it is very creative indeed! You can also use the paper lantern hot air balloon for birthdays or even themed parties.

You need these supplies: paper lanterns in any size and colors will work, craft paint, paintbrush, small baskets, scissors, string (in this tutorial it is used kite string), glue gun and toothpick or wood skewer.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Fox


Who would have thought that toilet paper rolls can be transformed into such cute little foxes? The best part is that once you learn how to make one, you can make more and even try making other animals of out of it.

Besides the toilet rolls, you will need colorful paper (in the fox case, you’ll need orange or brown and white), black marker, glue and scissors.

15. Cardboard Ring Toss


Next time you’re about to throw away old cardboards, just think of all the creative things that can come out of it. One idea that we especially liked was making your own ring toss. Look how nicely the colors pop on the cardboard?

So, what you need is cardboard, craft knife, dinner plate, small bowl, paint and paintbrushes and a stick. You can paint donuts, sprinkles, polka dots… whatever you like!

16. Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack


This is one especially creative and we’re pretty sure that is the perfect gift for any kid! It will wake their imagination and they will have fun times with it for sure. If you want to make one, here are the matierials that you need:

two 2-liter bottles and make sure they’re empty and clean, silver spray paint, cardboard, webbing, hot glue/gun and felt. No matter if you’re DIY beginner or already with some skills, you will find easy – just follow the instructions!

17. Chalk Rocks


Believe it or not, but you can make your own chalk too! In order to make it, you need the following materials: Plaster of ParisTop 10 Fun Crafts You Can Make for Children (or similar product), chalk bits and pieces, fine colorful glitter (which is optional), aluminum foil, tupperware, marge bin for mixing, water, large spoon, (don’t reuse it for cooking) and hammer.

However, this is two-time project because you’ll need to make large chalk rocks and then breaking them into smaller chunks, while inbetween drying will take 1-4 weeks.

18. Marshmallow Shooters


This project is really easy to make and it will also entertain any children, no matter if they do or don’t love marshmallows. You need cake pop container, balloon, scissorsm mini marshmallows and rubber bands, but the last one is optional.

You just have to tie a knot of un-inflated balloon and cut off the rounded part of the balloon, then stick the open end of it to the bottom end of the cake container and you’re ready to have some sweet fun!

19. Cork Sail Boats


Here’s another idea of recycling, eco – friendly project. Instead of throwing away corks, use them to make small sailboats for your children! They are really easy to make and with those glittery sailsails, we are sure that your children will love it. Plus, you can make it together with them, which makes the cork sails way more special than just being a toy.

20. Nebula Jar


Having a jar with a little, sparkly Universe inside it is something many would want! Even if you’re not a kid, seeing this jar will give you a “wow” moment. You need the following materials – clear glass jar with a lid, water, tempera paint, glitter, cotton balls and a spoon to push the cotton balls down. This projects takes about 5 minutes to be done and can be easily transformed into a gift.

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